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Background and rationale of the proposal of SOE2030

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence titled Strategic Observatory for Europe 2030 (SOE2030) will be the focal point for competence and knowledge on development and implementation of European Union long-term strategy till 2030. Capitalising on current Jean Monnet Chair Cultural Political Economy of Europe 2020 (CPE2020, 2016-2019) it will, first, advance research on European Union by setting up scientific infrastructure to collect, analyse and disseminate knowledge on EU strategic processes. Secondly, it will serve as the forum for multi-level debate on EU strategic development between academia, students, professionals, policy-makers, businesses and civil society. These will, finally, be used to upgrade teaching on EU topics on host institution and beyond.


The EU recognized the importance of long-term strategizing by adopting, implementing and monitoring the Lisbon Strategy (2000-2010) and Europe 2020 (2010-2020). It has reaffirmed this long-term approach by making a positive and constructive contribution to United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and is currently organising consultations with experts to develop EU strategic frameworks for the period till 2030, to respond to key global and European challenges such as demographic changes; digitalization of society; environmental challenges; inclusion and citizenship; investment, reforms and governance; and technological change and the future of work. This clearly indicates that the EU will continue its current pursuit of strategic approach to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as outlined in the Europe 2020.

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