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Flash news from the EU institutions - February 2021

With physical visits no longer possible under the current circumstances, the Council of the EU has found new ways to enable visitors to discover our work and buildings.

The Council's Visitors' Service is pleased to receive visitors virtually at this moment and we hope that you find this offer relevant and share it with your audiences. Take a look at the following options:

Virtual Information Session

Would you like to increase your knowledge, or find out more about a particular topic related to the Council of the EU and the European Council? Why not get an expert who works in the Council to explain it to your group via a virtual presentation?

Video clip on what the Council does

Do you wonder what goes on inside the Europa Building in Brussels, the so-called 'House of the Member States'? You can learn more about how governments work together in the European Council and the Council of the EU. Watch the presentation and experience the atmosphere for yourself!

360° Virtual Tour of the Council's buildings

Explore the Council from all angles, get a look inside meeting rooms that are rarely accessible to visitors. Discover the room where EU leaders meet to build a common European future and the Europa building with its impressive glass-shaped lantern and unique façade.

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