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The Age of Railways: How the invention of trains shaped European society

Wednesday 1 December, 18.00-19.30 (CET)

Livestreamed via YouTube

The invention of trains during the 19th century in Europe contributed to industrialisation and urbanisation, and allowed for the rapid movement of goods and people. How did the invention of the railway transform space and time? What role did trains play in the emancipation of women during this period? And can rail transport play a part in today’s fight against the climate crisis? Andrea Giuntini, Anna Despotopoulou, Jan Musekamp and Marie-Noëlle Polino will take part in this online debate, moderated by our curator Kieran Burns. Language: English This online event is part of the EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS festival and the European Year of Rail. Find more information here and register for the debate here.

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