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Real Spy Training

Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th of April, 13.00-18.00

House of European History

For the 20th edition of Erfgoeddag, organised by Faro, the chosen theme is 'the night'. For your spy training, when you arrive at the museum, you will be given some mysterious spy gadgets and a secret mission. You can use the gadgets to help solve the secret mission. First, you will start in the spy lab and create a fake identity - now you can properly operate as a spy. During the spy training, you will learn some tips and tricks that will help you to succeed in the mission. Mission accomplished? Then you will receive a real spy diploma! This diploma will give you access to a maze of laser beams to show off your ultimate spy skills. At the end of your spy training, you can take all your spy gadgets home with you. Age 7-12. Both admission and the activity are free. Activities are from 13:00 -18:00. Reservation here is compulsory. Languages: English-French-Dutch

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