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Museum activities at the House of European history – May 2021 (2)

Nocturne at the House of European History - Your Fake (F)or Real experience!

Thursday 20th May, 17.00 - 22.00

Come and enjoy a fun and festive visit at the House of European history. Join the event conceived and implemented by the artists of Patrimoine à Roulettes and the museum team - be ready to lose your bearings and have a hard time distinguishing between the real and the fake, the authentic and the manufactured, the real and the illusion! Try first to answer questions posed by sphinges and sphinxes, talented manipulators of information, and if you manage, dance to the sounds of music created by artificial intelligences while treading on the truths that are not all good to take! Languages: French, Dutch, English More information on the programme and how to register here. Places are limited due to Covid-related restrictions, do not wait to register!

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