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Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021 Field Trip

The Faculty of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica is part of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence project under the leadership of the Dean Prof. Dr. Borut Rončević organised a professional excursion to Bosnia and Herzegovina between 6 December and 9 December 2021. It was attended by external stakeholders as well as students of FUDŠ, the Faculty of Media in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto. During the excursion, they visited first Tuzla and then the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo. As part of the excursion, the participants visited several key organisations or. institutions in the field of economy, development and education. In Tuzla they are 6.12. visited the IPI Academy. Tuzla stands on salt pans and is known for the acquisition of the famous Tuzla salt.

They continued their journey towards Sarajevo, where on 7.12. visited the City Development Agency East Sarajevo - the City Development Agency East Sarajevo (RAIS) and the Ministry of Programming company. The Ministry of Programming is t.i. a business / startup building studio that provides consulting services in the design and development of software for early start-ups and new products.

8.12. the participants received an outstanding visit from Ambassador Mr. Damijan Sedar at the Slovenian Embassy in Sarajevo.

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