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Exhibiting Postcolonial Europe Thursday 17th of June, 15h-17h (CEST)Online Event

Featuring scholars from the ECHOES (European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities) Horizon 2020 Project and the House of European History

A considerable number of European countries have a long history of colonizing the rest of the world. What is more, colonialism did not end in 1945 or in 1957, when the Treaty of Rome was signed, with colonial wars in Africa for independence still being fought throughout the 1970s. Multiple forms of colonial entanglement between Europe and formerly colonized countries has often, however, been downplayed or even repressed in presentations of European history and identity. Recent Black Lives Matter protest movements have made it clear that not only the formerly colonized world but also Europe itself is still experiencing postcolonial conditions. Curators from the House of European History and scholars from the Horizon 2020 research project ECHOES will discuss how to present and exhibit a European history in present-day postcolonial times.

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