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‘Envisioning Europe’ series - Milena Dragićević Šešić- The Voice from the semi-periphery

Building a fair European culture of memory for the future:

the role of contemporary arts

Tuesday, 15 February, 18.00 to 19.00 (CET)

Livestreamed via YouTube

The politics of memory have huge consequences for contemporary political relations. Excluded from grand common narratives, European peripheries created their own official narratives of the ‘great’ past: narratives of medievalisation, illyrisation, antiquisation, re-osmanisation. In contrast, ‘negative’ historical events have been omitted and belong to the politics of oblivion. For instance, there is still no European consensus on the Armenian genocide. In this lecture, Professor Dragićević Šešić will argue why social fairness, equality, cultural rights and values should be embedded in national and European remembrance policies and practices. Introduced by Constanze Itzel, museum director, House of European History Moderated by Simina Bădică, curator, House of European History Language: English Register here. Find out more information about the event here and the whole series here.

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