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Updates from Yammer communities - Jean Monnet Action: Projects november 2020

The Jean Monnet Excellence Center on Sustainability (ERASME) announces the launch of the MOOC " #Strong sustainability and Europe #" - MOOC "Durabilité forte et Europe" (from december 14th to march 2021- 10 weeks). Registration for the MOOC has started since November 4th. 50 international and european experts talked about energy, food system, economic paradigm, agriculture, education... What are the problems ? How to change the system ? What are the solutions ? The MOOC is in both languages (French and English).

This MOOC is managed by Johanna Gisladottir, Ariane Tichit, Cécile Batisse and Arnaud Diemer. See you in december for the first week of the MOOC.

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