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A MULTI-AUTHOR book on the rise of populism in Central and Eastern Europe is out

Under the auspices of the Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA), one of the most renowned European publishing houses, Edward Elgar, was published a multi-authored monograph entitled "The Rise of Populism in Central and Eastern Europe", edited by Assoc. prof. dr. Simona Kukovič and Assoc. dr. Peter Just.

In the book, nineteen authors from CEPSA member countries analyze the phenomena of populism, populist political parties and leaders in the countries of the region in fifteen chapters.

Prof. from the Faculty of Applied Social Studies participated. dr. Matevž Tomšič with the chapter "Political elites, leadership, and the rise of populism" and Assoc. prof. dr. Simona Kukovič, who, in addition to editing, contributed an editorial and a chapter entitled "The secret of success: Slovenian populist political parties".

You can read more about the book at the link below 👇

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