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Centre of Excellence SOE 2019 Online Platform

Based on the Research activity we will develop a methodology to collect the data and collect the primary information (semi-structured interviews,..). 


The Online Platform will serve several functions:

  • It will be a technological platform, i.e. important scientific infrastructure, developed to collect primary data on on EU grand strategy till 2030, and its impact on national and regional levels; crowdsourcing and Online Platform will be implemented to collect and exchange knowledge, information and data also after the end of SOE2030.

  • The Online Platform contains protocols, methodologies, and tools to collect the data. The Online Platform will implement a crowdsourcing approach to data collection by enabling all interested experts to access data, with full access given to those researchers, who will contribute their own primary data. The JM SOE2030 staff will review all submitted data to ensure consistency of the data collection process with developed protocols and maintain the highest standard of the quality.

  • The Online Platform will allow collecting the various secondary data and research reports from European regions. This information will be available to all interested experts and will enable systematic collection and dissemination of knowledge on the implementation of EU grand strategies in the regional context. It will also allow to develop ideas to cooperate and spin-out new innovative cooperation ideas based on SOE2030 and connect high-level experts, regional stakeholders in other regions and at the regional and national level.


  • It will disseminate the results of the JM SOE2030 and maintain the website at least 3 years after the conclusion of the project. Online tools will be given priority in dissemination due to their overall availability and the possibility that they provide for targeting and low price. Nevertheless, the Online Platform will have the role to enhance cooperation between Centre of Excellence and other institutes and stakeholders, as well as policy-makers and the European Commission services and enable scrutiny and exchange of ideas and information.



The results of JM SOE2030 will be available online. The availability of the material will enhance the knowledge about innovative approaches in teaching on EU studies with a specific focus on development and implementation of EU grand strategic vision till 2030. The events will provide an open forum for international cross-disciplinary debates on the topic and enable cooperation with academic staff from other European academic institutions. Scientific knowledge will benefit from intensive debates with the stakeholders, providing unique insight and access to data on factors, bottlenecks, and mechanisms of implementation deficits of the EU grand strategies. Last but not least, we will collect and offer to other researchers’ unique primary data, providing insight in the very core of regional technology transfer and innovation processes.

SOE2030 will have the ability to make a significant contribution to stimulating knowledge on the European strategic processes till 2030 and will enhance the visibility of scientific resources and academic activities in the field of EU studies. This is particularly important since during the implementation of SOE2030 the European Union will still be in the planning and later in the early implementation phase of its strategic vision till 2030.

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