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Data Collection


SOE2030 has the objective to become the focal point for competence and knowledge on development and implementation of European long-term strategy till 2030. It is interdisciplinary, pooling expertise on European Union from sociology, political science, economics, law and regional studies. SOE2030 firstly, set up infrastructure, methodologies, protocols, and tools to collect, evaluate and make publicly available both already existing documentary resources and new primary empirical data, both qualitative (semi-structured interviews, focus groups) and quantitative (relevant statistics) on European strategic processes.

Secondly, this is the foundation for multi-level policy debate with relevant stakeholders and audiences (conference special sessions, joint field trips and round table discussions). Research and policy debate will, thirdly, enable to complement and upgrade current courses and curricula on EU topics, as well as develop new ones (course modules, summer schools, workshops).

Due to the complexity of the theoretical framework it will be developed methodology to collect the primary data on the processes of variation, selection and retention of dominant strategic discourses, and on impact of structural, discursive, technological and agential factors. The tool seeks to explain the theoretical and conceptual background of Cultural Political Economic processes in different regions by using methods of triangulation. After analysing primary and secondary data a researcher will analyze the interviews and complete the templates.

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