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The project JM COE Strategic Observatory for Europe 2030 has three main activities:

  • gathers the expertise and competences of high level experts,

  • develops synergies between various disciplines and resources in European Union studies and 

  • ensures openness to civil society

These activities are carefully interwoven to incorporate principles of integrated collaboration, co-created shared value and rapid adoption of the strategic vision of successful, smart and inclusive growth. As a result, the JMSOE 2030 will advance interdisciplinary EU studies and deal with the phenomenon of EU implementation deficit, with a view to offering research and educational tools that could be utilized throughout Europe, to contribute to awareness of EU grand strategies and their implementation on the regional level.


JM SOE2030 will also gather the expertise and competencies of high-level experts in the field of EU studies and ensure openness of EU strategic processes to civil society.

Teaching activities: a series of lectures (courses) organized for students (future professionals) of all university levels (BA, MA and PhD), and summer schools, engaging academics, students, professionals and the civil society.

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