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About the project

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence titled Strategic Observatory for Europe 2030 (SOE2030) will be the focal point for competence and knowledge on development and implementation of European Union long-term strategy till 2030. Capitalising on current Jean Monnet Chair Cultural Political Economy of Europe 2020 (CPE2020, 2016-2019) it will, first, advance research on European Union by setting up scientific infrastructure to collect, analyse and disseminate knowledge on EU strategic processes. Secondly, it will serve as the forum for multi-level debate on EU strategic development between academia, students, professionals, policy-makers, businesses and civil society. These will, finally, be used to upgrade teaching on EU topics on host institution and beyond.

The aim is to to encourage synergistic effects and to achieve "more with less" by providing a "clever" combination of research infrastructural development, including development of relevant methodologies, protocols and data collection tools, educational activities at BA, MA and PhD levels of studies, as well as the winter camp workshops and summer schools, and outreach events.

SOE 2030 will gather the expertise and competencies of high-level experts in the field of EU studies. This includes, first, several current and former holders of Jean Monnet Module, Chair or Centre of Excellence, who will join the core team of SOE2030.

  • encourages, advises and mentors the young generation of teachers and researchers in European Union studies subject areas

  • organizes activities (conferences, seminars/webinars, workshops etc.) targeting policymakers at

  • the local, regional and national levels as well as a civil society ... Read more

Centre of Excellence Online Platform

Based on the Research activity that will develop a methodology to collect the data and collect the primary data on the influence of EU grand strategy till 2030, and its impact on national and regional levels; crowdsourcing and Online Platform will be implemented to collect and exchange knowledge, information and data also after the end of SOE2030....Read more

Expected impacts of the project​
  • Impacts on the policy-makers, public administration, industry representatives and civil society 

  • Impact on the students and academic staff of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence host institution

  • Impact on broader academic community and knowledge on European integration.

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